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coreveil asked:

I just caught up with Kamisama Hajimemashita, and I love Tomoe in all iterations but 500 years Past!Tomoe with his long hair and diabolical ways was sexy and reminded me of my love for Sesshomaru from Inuyasha, and I couldn't help but wondering is there any Shoujo manga where the heroine actually prefers the darker side of the male character or when the male character was darker. If that is too rare, then the heroine prefers the actual darker character over a reformed bad boy? Thank you!


Hmm, so series that gives off a “heroine falls in love with villain” vibe, right? WelI I am not sure if the following will fit your criteria. It’s indeed rare to come across series where the bad guy never reforms but I’ll try.

  • Kuroorihime to Kawaki no Ou  
  • The Tarot Cafe - It may look episodic at first but really, you have to read this until the end.
  • Basara
  • Les Bijoux - It’s by the same author of The Tarot Cafe and bares similarities with Basara. The “male lead” is also the villain at the same time who is so unhealthily obsessed with the protagonist (she is both male and female but he was attracted to her female side). Now, let me warn you: Unlike Basara, he’s very evil and never reforms (probably the cruelest “hero” I’ve ever come across - see, I keep on using the term loosely lol). It also contains plenty of violence so stay away if you’re sensitive with that kind of stuff. 
  • Visukiisu no Akai Ningyou
  • Oujitachi wa Isonzuru (warning: incest)
  • Misshitsu no Rakuen  
  • Saiunkoku Monogatari - Find that guy called “Sa Sakujun.” He didn’t end up with the heroine because of some ‘spoilery reasons’ but omg, he was the only one throughout that flood of bishies who swept her off her feet. (Don’t get me wrong, I still love the hero, Ryuuki. but damn, I can’t help but get attracted at how dangerously sexy and twisted Sakujun is).
  • Heart to Give
  • Heart no Kuni no Alice and all its spin-offs - I recommend reading the ones where Blood and Ace are the male leads.
  • Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de
  • My Beast
  • Aishite Kudasai, Sensei
  • Omae ga Sekai o Kowashitai nara  
  • Threads of Time (seinen) - This is bloody brilliant and saying anything more is gonna ruin this series for you. If there’s something similar with this and KamiHaji though, it’s the time travels and how some things are connected.

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